Anselm Kiefer



Current exhibition

28 September 2018 - 11 November 2018
9 x 9 x 9, Bermondsey

One day, I gathered up my parachute and said: ‘Between two swallows and a star.’ Here death is coming closer like the earth to a falling balloon. [...]
And now my parachute drops from dream to dream through the spaces of death.
Vicente Huidobro, Altazor, Preface, 1931 (Translated by Eliot Weinberger)

White Cube is pleased to present a major new sculpture by Anselm Kiefer at Bermondsey. Titled For Vicente Huidobro: Life is a parachute voyage and not what you’d like to think it is (2018), this large-scale vitrine directly responds to the spatial proportions of the 9 x 9 x 9 gallery. 


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