Park Seo-Bo



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17 March – 1 May 2021
White Cube Bermondsey

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White Cube is pleased to present a major exhibition of works by Park Seo-Bo. Born in 1931 in Yecheon, Gyeongbuk, Park was part of a generation that spent its childhood under Japanese occupation and came to adulthood in the turmoil and deprivations of the Korean War (1950–53). First enrolled as a student of oriental painting at Hongik University in Seoul, after the interruption of war Park resumed his studies in the department of Western painting, then pursuing his interest in Art Informel during a stay in Paris in 1961. Following his return home, Park played a critical role in reshaping the post-war Korean art world as an educator, agitator and organiser. He went on to develop a practice rooted in a spiritual methodology, drawing on Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy as well as the Korean tradition of calligraphy, and is recognised internationally as the father of the ‘Dansaekhwa’ movement.

The two earliest works in the exhibition date from 1968, immediately preceeding Park’s best-known ‘Ecriture’ series. Around this time Park was experimenting with new forms, drawing inspiration from both Pop Art and Op Art. They feature an illusionistic sense of space, layering shapes and stripes in bright red, dark blue, green and yellow, mixed with white, and pairing straight with curvilinear lines or hard-edged with rounded forms. Park combines geometric abstraction with Obangsaek, a traditional Korean colour spectrum in which colours symbolise the elements and cardinal directions, signalling his interest in evolving a modernism infused with an authentically Korean aesthetic which was later to inform Dansaekhwa.


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