Haim Steinbach



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Current gallery exhibition

tin drum

14 September – 12 November 2022
White Cube Hong Kong

White Cube Hong Kong is pleased to present ‘tin drum’, an exhibition of new and recent work by Haim Steinbach. Featuring works made in the past two decades, the selection reflects the artist’s engagement with the everyday object and the aesthetic and cultural implications of methods of selection and display.

Since the mid 1970s, Steinbach has made structures and devices for presenting various found objects, in particular employing a wedge-shaped shelf based on 40, 50 and 90 degree angles, constructed in several parts and finished with a coloured, plastic laminate. Working within the methodologies of presentation rather than representation, his art sets in train a nexus of associations, enabling multiple potential themes to emerge from the arrangement of these common objects. ‘I [see] my works as an engagement with the here and now, with the archaeology of what exists and what we all participate in,’ Steinbach states.


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