Photography and video guidelines for your visit

We want you to enjoy your time at White Cube Bermondsey, and we welcome you taking photos and videos of our exhibitions for personal use.  

However, to prevent affecting others' experience, and to protect our staffand artworks, we kindly ask that you: 

 – Do not bring large bagsrucksackssuitcasesor tripods to the gallery. If you have a large bag or suitcase, you will be asked to check it in at the reception desk

 – Keep personal items, such as clothes and handbags in hand, and not unattended or on the floor 

 – Be considerate of other visitors in the space when taking photos or videos 

These guidelines are designed to ensure our visitors have a positive experience at White Cube.

Repeated failure to follow these guidelines may result in visitors being asked to leave the gallery by our security staff. 



Please note 

For photoshoots, promotional videos or social media collaboration opportunities please get in touch with our social media team.